About us

Welcome to Little City North Dorset!

Hello, I'm Rachael, the proud owner of Little City North Dorset. I live in Bourton with my husband and our two children and I am so excited to be bringing the wonderful role play experience that is 'Little City' to my local area!

I love putting on events and parties for my children, coming up with creative ideas and tapping into that magical world of imaginative play that they love. One day I thought "how can I do this as a job?" ...then I found Little City and it seemed like a tailor made opportunity.

Learning through play provides children with so many benefits and, of course, they have SO much fun! Little ones love their grown up to pretend-play with them which, as a busy parent myself, I know we don't always have time to do at home. At Little City, we provide the space for your child to play at being whoever they want to be and that designated time for you to join in the fun too!